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School Menus

Name Type Size Last Updated
Allergens and Carbohydrate Elementary 2018-2019.pdf PDF Document 589.55KB
Allergens and Carbohydrate Middle & High School 2018-2019.pdf PDF Document 636.97KB
Catering Menu, Page 1-Updated October 2018.pdf PDF Document 105.00KB
Catering Menu, Page 2-Updated October 2018.pdf PDF Document 78.93KB
Summer School Parent Menu 2019.pdf PDF Document 1.18MB

Documents and Forms

Name Type Size Last Updated
Allergy Anaphylaxis Medical Order.pdf PDF Document 140.87KB
Express Catering Form 2018-2019.pdf PDF Document 27.75KB
Request for Sack Meals Breakfast or Lunch.pdf PDF Document 174.32KB
Student Information Welcome Flier - 2017-18.pdf PDF Document 45.50KB