Last Name First Name Position Email Work Phone
Acosta Cynthia Elementary Math 915-774-7725
Aguilar Cynthia Dual Language Kindergarten 915-774-7725
Amezaga Isabel Elementary Dual Language Eng 2nd 915-774-7725
Anchondo Donna Food Service Specialist 915-230-5524
Applegate Michelle Elementary Dual Language Eng 5th 915-230-5450
Ayala Teresa Elementary Dual Language 2nd 915-774-7725
Azzam Mohammed Paraprofessional Pre-K
Baca Deanne Elementary 1st Grade 915-774-7725
Blanchette Destiny Elementary 1st Grade 915-774-7725
Bosanko Nicole Elementary 4th Grade 915-774-7725
Burns Martha Elementary Dual Language Eng 1st 915-230-5450
Carabajal Angel Elementary 5th Grade 915-230-2000
Carbajal Humberto Elementary 5th Grade 915-774-7725
Casillas Michelle Principal Elementary 915-230-5452
Castanon Martha Elementary Campus Monitor 915-230-5450
Castillo Belen Elementary 2nd Grade 915-774-7725
Cavazos Leticia Elementary Dual Language 3rd 915-774-7725
Cephus Charles Elementary Physical Education 915-774-7725
Chavez Velarde Veronica Elementary Dual Language 1st 915-774-7725
Claeps Ida Office Assistant Campus 915-230-5450
Collier Amanda Parent Engagement Liaison PT 915-230-5450
Conway Terry Head Custodian Elem 915-230-5450
Cooper Joyce Secretary to Principal Elementary 915-230-5450
Corral Sandra Elementary Dual Language Eng 4th 915-774-7725
Davis Betty Traffic Monitor 915-774-7725
De La Rosa Andrea Elementary 4th Grade 915-821-3665
DiChristina Kathy Reading Specialist 915-230-5450
Diaz Melissa Elementary 3rd Grade 915-230-5450
Duran Talia Elementary 5th Grade 915-236-5829
Duran Theresa Attendance Clerk Elementary 915-230-5459
Encinas Yasmine Elementary Dual Language 5th 915-262-1697
Escobedo Esmeralda Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom 915-774-7725
Esparza Diana Prekindergarten 915-774-7725
Esparza Gardea Guadalupe Food Service Specialist 915-230-5524
Flaquet Jessica Dual Language Kindergarten 915-774-7725
Flores Lilia Custodian 915-230-5450
Flores Gabriela Elementary 4th Grade 915-230-5450
Flores Jessica Campus Teaching Coach - District 915-230-5450
Frye Myrna Cafeteria Manager Elementary 915-230-5524
Gailey Lisa Librarian Elementary 915-230-5456
Gallardo Ann Margaret Special Education Resource Elementary 915-774-7725
Garrett Teresa Elementary 4th Grade 915-774-7725
Gonzalez Janet Food Service Specialist 915-230-5524
Gonzalez Angie Dual Language Prekindergarten 915-774-7725
Grajeda Hope PreK PPCD Collaborative Special Ed 915-elg-elgu
Guerrero Maria Campus Clerk 915-230-5450
Guevara Jessica Elementary 3rd Grade 915-774-7725
Gutierrez Angie School Nurse 915-230-5450
Haynes Angie Elementary 2nd Grade 915-774-7725
Hernandez Erica Cook 915-230-5524
Kuharik Melissa Paraprofessional PPCD PK Collaborative 915-774-2000
Leal Jesus SCE Clerk I LPAC 915-230-5450
Lee Elisa Assistant Principal Elementary 203 915-230-5455
Levine Margaret Education Diagnostician 915-236-0000
Macias Beatrice Elementary 3rd Grade 915-774-7725
Maldonado Rene Elementary 5th Grade 915-774-7725
Martinez Valerie Elementary Physical Education 915-230-5450
Martinez Pereda Gabriela Food Service Specialist 915-230-5524
Maxwell Christina Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp 915-236-6650
Menchaca Rosa Paraprofessional Pre-K 915-230-5450
Mendoza Michael Elementary Physical Education 915-774-7725
Meza Sinai Campus Teaching Coach - District
Michal Emil Elementary 3rd Grade 915-230-5450
Millan Una Counselor Elementary 915-230-5450
Mohler Mary Assistant Principal Elementary 203 915-230-5454
Mora Cathy *Dual Language Pre K Collaborative 915-230-5450
Morales Brian Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp 915-230-5463
Moreno Rebecca Elementary 1st Grade 915-774-7725
Nieto Jimmy Special Education Resource Elementary 915-230-5450
Padilla Priscilla Dual Language Eng Kindergarten 915-774-7725
Ponce Anna Prekindergarten 915-230-5450
Prangner Maria Elementary 2nd Grade 915-230-7725
Prawel Rebekkah Special Education AIM Elementary 915-774-7725
Quesada Stephen Assistant Head Custodian Elementary 915-774-7725
Rivera Blanca Traffic Monitor 915-230-2215
Rushbrook Melisse Elementary 2nd Grade 915-774-7725
Saenz Veronica PEIMS Clerk Elementary 915-230-5450
Salazar Elizabeth Custodian 915-774-7725
Sanchez Nakea Elementary Sped Combo 915-252-9598
Santillan Rosa Kindergarten 915-774-7725
Seidon Leticia Kindergarten 915-230-5450
Sherbert Yvette Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom 915-230-5450
Sordini Christina Elementary Art 915-774-6034
Spano Patricia Elementary 4th Grade 915-230-5450
Stene Amy Elementary 3rd Grade 915-230-5450
Stevenson Heather Paraprofessional Pre-K 915-230-5450
Taborda Jose Custodian 915-230-5450
Taylor Robert Elementary Orchestra 915-774-7725
Torres Bobbi Kindergarten 915-774-7725
Tovar Denisee Elementary Dual Language Eng 3rd 915-422-3948
Vaca Tommy Elementary Physical Education 915-774-7725
Vallez Tessie Military Family Liaison 915-230-5450 Ext 55520
Velarde Selene Elementary Dual Language 4th 915-230-5450
Wood Derek Elementary 1st Grade 915-230-5450