Last Name First Name Position Email Work Phone
Aguila Angelica Food Service Specialist 915-236-0625
Aguilar Elizabeth Elementary Dual Language 5th 915-236-0625
Aguilar Olivia Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education 915-236-0625
Aguirre Terry Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom 915-236-0625
Allen Veronica Elementary Science 915-236-0625
Almeida Mita Special Education Instructional Coach 915-236-0625
Alvarez Angelica Paraprofessional Support 915-236-0625
Amparan Angie Middle School ESOL Combo 915-236-0625
Anguiano Miguel Abraham MS Vocal Music/Elem Vocal Music 915-236-0625
Arellano Alfredo Head Custodian MS 915-236-0625
Arias Gabriel Elementary Vocal Music 915-236-0625
Armendariz Nubia Dual Language Kindergarten 915-236-0625
Ballesteros Nicholas Elementary Dual Language 4th 915-236-0625
Barnum Jennifer Middle School Special Ed Resource 915-236-0625|915-236-0625
Bolt Terrie School Nurse 915-236-0625
Bonilla Patty Food Service Specialist 915-236-0625
Brewster Clarissa Middle School Special Ed Resource 915-236-0625
Calderon Victor Custodian
Camposano David Middle School Business Combo 915-236-0625
Cantu Christina Elementary 4th Grade 915-236-0625
Chavira Lorena PreK PPCD Collaborative Special Ed 915-236-0625
Chavira Cynthia Paraprofessional Instruction 915-236-0625
Del Toro Fabiola Middle School ESOL 915-236-0625
Del Toro Rene Middle School English/Reading 915-236-0625
Diaz Eduardo MS SPED Community Readiness Class 915-236-0625
Duenez Gerardo Assistant Head Custodian Middle School 915-236-0625
Duran Judith Middle School English/Reading 915-236-0625
Espinoza Rosa Cook 915-236-0625
Essex Heather Campus Teaching Coach - District 915-236-0625
Fierro Cynthia Elementary Dual Language 2nd 915-236-0625
Gamboa Alfonso Elementary Dual Language 4th 915-587-2680
Garcia Karina Paraprofessional Support 915-236-0625
Garcia Linda Education Diagnostician 915-236-0625
Gardea Haydee Special Education AIM Elementary 915-236-0625
Garza Martha Kinder Collaborative 915-236-0625
Giner Jocelyn Librarian Secondary 915-236-0625
Gomez Luz Counselor Middle School 915-236-0625
Gomez Torres Jose Elementary Campus Monitor 915-236-0625
Gonzalez Sylvia Dual Language Prekindergarten 915-236-0625
Gonzalez Elvira Custodian 915-236-0625
Govea Rosario Elementary 1st Grade 915-236-0625
Guillen Kimberly Kinder PPCD Collaborative Special Ed 915-236-0625
Harkless Andreana Elementary Physical Education 915-236-0625
Hernandez Tanya Campus Clerk/Parent Engagement Liaison 915-236-0625
Herrera Sylvia Middle School Dual Language Math Combo 915-236-0625
Herrera Martha Middle School Math 915-236-0625
Ibarra Nohemi Cafeteria Assistant Manager 915-236-7399
Inungaray-Fitz Dina Middle School Social Studies 915-236-0625
Jaquez Maria Custodian 915-236-0625
Kostina Yuliya Middle School Physical Education 915-236-0625
Leith Elizabeth Secretary to Middle School Principal 915-236-0625
Licerio Bianca Middle School Testing Coordinator/Teacher 915-236-0625
Lopez Sandra Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom 915-236-0625
Lopez Guadalupe Campus Patrol 915-236-0625
Lucas Grace Paraprofessional Support 915-236-0625
Luevano Irma Registrar Middle School 221 Days 915-236-0625
Madrigal Margarita Elementary Dual Language 3rd 915-236-0625
Martin Lisa PEIMS Clerk HS/MS 915-236-0625
Martinez Kimberly Middle School Math 915-236-0625
Martinez Rose Ann Principal PK-8 915-236-0625
Martinez Ursula Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp 915-236-0625
Martinez Delia Elementary Dual Language 1st 915-236-0625
Martinez Salas Cristal Elementary Dual Language 2nd 915-236-0625
Medina Erik Middle School ESOL 915-236-0625
Medrano Raul Sp Ed Adapted Physical Education 915-774-4040
Mendez Janice Elementary 3rd Grade 915-236-5450
Mendiola Stephaney Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-0625
Miramontes Isabel Middle School ESOL Combo 915-236-0625
Moreno Agueda Kindergarten 915-236-5675
Muela Amber Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education 915-236-0625
Munoz Rachel Speech Therapist Assistant 915-774-4000|915-920-6720 Ext 05312
Myers Gregory Elementary 5th Grade 915-236-0625
Nance Heidi Campus Teaching Coach - Campus 915-236-0625
Negrete Steven Monitor Computer Lab 915-740-0894
Nidadhal Patricia Reading Specialist 915-236-0625
Ortiz De Lucio Gabriela Food Service Specialist 915-236-0625
Pacheco Beltran Ana Middle School Special Ed AIM 915-236-0625
Paniagua Debra Prekindergarten 915-236-0625
Parra Julie Assistant Principal PK-8 915-236-0625
Patino Jenny Campus Teaching Coach - District 915-236-0625
Pedregon Julie Counselor Elementary 915-236-0632
Perez Melissa Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-0625
Perez Martinez Arcelia Food Service Specialist 915-236-0625
Picazzo Kassandra Paraprofessional Instruction 915-236-6550
Porras Miguel High School Band Director 915-236-7231
Ramirez Luz Custodian 915-236-0625
Rivera Mayra Clerk 1 Bookroom MS 915-236-0625
Robinson Antton Elementary Dual Language 5th 915-999-1185
Rodriguez Andres Middle School Physical Education 915-236-0625
Rodriguez Ann Middle School Math 915-236-0625
Rodriguez Alva Hector Middle School Math 915-236-0625
Roman Patsy Counselor Elementary 915-236-0625
Rooslet David Elementary Physical Education 915-236-0625
Rosales Angel Middle School Science 915-236-0625
Rubio Brenda Elementary 1st Grade 915-236-0625
Samaniego Kristi Elementary 3rd Grade 915-236-0625
Samstag Michael Middle School Special Ed AIM 915-236-0625
Sanchez Nakea Elementary Sped Combo 915-252-9598
Sanchez Nakea Elementary Sped Combo 915-252-9598
Sanchez Esther Assistant Principal PK-8 915-236-0631
Sepulveda Rosalinda Elementary Dual Language 3rd 915-236-0625
Servin Frances SCE Clerk I LPAC 915-236-0625
Sianez Lourdes Assistant Principal PK-8 915-236-0625
Silva Silvia Custodian 915-236-0625
Taylor Mason Middle School Science 915-236-0625
Terrazas Armida Cafeteria Manager Middle School 915-236-0625
Thorson Lenny Elementary Physical Education 915-236-0625
Valenzuela Andres Middle School Science 915-236-0625
Valtierra Elizabeth *Dual Language Pre K Collaborative 915-236-0625
Vasquez Elizabeth Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-0625
Vasquez Maria Elementary Dual Language 1st 915-236-0625
Vega Anita Reading Specialist 915-236-0625
Vicario Adriana Elementary 4th Grade 915-236-0625
Viera Magdalena Kindergarten 915-236-0625
Viera Magdalena Dual Language Kindergarten 915-236-0625
Villagran Elizabeth Elementary Art 915-236-0625
Washer Michael Middle School Art 915-236-0625
Westcott Maria Kindergarten 915-236-0625
Wyckoff Sean Elementary 5th Grade 915-236-0625
Yanez Agustina Attendance Clerk MS 915-236-0625
Yanez Nicholas Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom 915-230-0625
Yankuskie Justin Middle School Social Studies 915-236-3400
Zapien Maria Food Service Specialist 915-236-0625
Zavala Tomas Middle School Social Studies Combo 915-236-0625