Last Name First Name Position Email Work Phone
Acevedo Bethzaida Kindergarten 915-777-4614
Aguilar Liliana Elementary Physical Education 915-236-0325
Anderson Danielle Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp 915-236-5160
Bolte Jessica Dual Language Eng Kindergarten 915-236-5150
Cairo-Kottmann Carolina Elementary Dual Language 3rd 915-276-4079
Carabajal Angel Kindergarten 915-236-5150
Casey Erin Elementary 3rd Grade 915-236-5150
Cervantes Adriana Prekindergarten 915-236-5150|915-236-5150
Chairez Luis MS Vocal Music/Elem Vocal Music 915-236-6350
Chandler Patricia FCF Intervention Specialist 915-236-0631|915-236-5168
Custer Nicole Elementary 1st Grade 915-236-5150
Delgado Sonia Reading Specialist 915-236-5150
Dotson Amari Elementary 4th Grade 915-236-5150
Duran Romelia Custodian 915-236-5150
Flores Beatriz Dual Language Prekindergarten 915-236-5150
Franco Elvira Cook 915-236-0624
Gomez Javier Elementary 1st Grade 915-236-5150
Gonzalez Celia Food Service Specialist 915-236-5224
Gonzalez Monica Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-5150
Handy Richie Principal Elementary 915-236-5156
Haynes Sylvia Principal Elementary 915-236-5150
Heath Martha Librarian Elementary 915-236-5150
Hernandez Sandy Prekindergarten 915-236-5150
Herrera Rebecca Elementary 5th Grade 915-236-5150
Herrera Ruth Assistant Head Custodian 915-236-5150
Herrera Stephanie Assistant Principal Elementary 915-236-8600
Holguin Anna Campus Teaching Coach - District 915-236-5150
Lepe Ana Elementary 3rd Grade 915-236-5150
Llanos Nancy Dual Language Prekindergarten 915-236-5150
Lovaglia Angela Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-5150
Mendoza Patricia Special Education Resource Elementary 915-236-5150
Mendoza Erica Speech Therapist Assistant 915-304-8006
Mercado Esteban Elementary Physical Education 915-236-5150
Milner Ken Elementary 4th Grade 915-236-5150
Narvaez Rosalba Counselor Elementary 915-236-5150
Narvaez Adriana Early Childhood Special Education 915-236-5150
Orozco Richard Food Service Specialist 915-236-5224
Parra Erica Head Custodian Elem 915-236-5150
Pinela Sandra Secretary to Principal Elementary 915-236-5150
Polette Agnes Educational Diagnostician Bilingual 915-236-5150
Ramirez Paula Food Service Specialist 915-236-5224
Ramirez Robert Elementary Physical Education 915-236-6450
Ramos Liz Kindergarten 915-236-5150
Ramos Mario Elementary Dual Language 4th 915-236-5150
Rangel-Malandris Adriana Dual Language Kindergarten 915-230-5150
Raymond Laura Elementary Dual Language 2nd 915-236-6275
Reyes Brooke Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-5150
Reyes Victoria Elementary 1st Grade 915-236-5150
Rinke-Barkalow Christa Food Service Specialist 915-236-5224
Rosario Vanessa Elementary 4th Grade 915-236-5150
Ruvalcaba Roberto Custodian 915-227-6781
Salazar Sandra Elementary 5th Grade 915-236-5150
Sarabia Rebecca Elementary 2nd Grade 915-236-5150
Saucedo Ribera Dario Sp Ed Adapted Physical Education 915-236-7200
Serrano Denise Elementary Orchestra 915-236-8375
Spencer Nancy SCE Para LPAC 915-236-5167
Torres Ivan HS Art/Elem Art 915-236-5150
Townsend Graciela Campus Teaching Coach - District 915-236-5150
Valadez Gabina Elementary Dual Language 1st 915-236-5150
Vasquez Pat PEIMS Clerk Elementary 915-236-5150
Vasquez Eddie Custodian 915-236-5150
Vereen Meg Special Education Resource Elementary 915-236-5150