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Health Services Forms

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Folder 19 Lice Information Folder
2022-2023 Immunization Child-Care PreK-1.pdf PDF Document 222.42KB
2022-2023 Immunization K-12.pdf PDF Document 217.13KB
Allergy, Asthma, Medical Condition Questionaire (Optional).pdf PDF Document 359.69KB
Asthma Action Plan 2018.pdf PDF Document 254.75KB
Authorization for Feeding-Neurological Condition 6-17.pdf PDF Document 33.96KB
Authorization for Special Procedures 6-17.pdf PDF Document 39.87KB
Clinic Schedule Sites Rev5.3.22.pdf PDF Document 87.28KB
Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan (2).pdf PDF Document 1.11MB
El Paso County Allergy Anaphylaxis Pan Rev. 2019 (2).pdf PDF Document 475.37KB
Health Reasons to Keep Your Child at Home 9-17.pdf PDF Document 72.47KB
Health Reasons to Keep Your Child at Home Span. 9-17.pdf PDF Document 86.31KB
Immunize El Paso Information.pdf PDF Document 278.52KB
Medication Permission Form 2017.doc.pdf PDF Document 298.17KB
Peanut Allergy Letter to Parents Eng-Span.pdf PDF Document 95.08KB
Seizure Action Plan 4-19.pdf PDF Document 217.86KB
Special Procedure Respiratory 8-17.pdf PDF Document 228.57KB
Special Procedure Urinary 8-17.pdf PDF Document 200.42KB
Special Procedures - Gastrointestinal 8-17.pdf PDF Document 302.63KB
Special Procedures -Other 8-17.pdf PDF Document 223.58KB